The short street interviews prove to learners that they can understand real spoken English - and that's incredibly inspiring for beginners. The book has 7 units. , English File Beginner Student's Book B New Edition File third edition Beginner Student's Book Classroom Presentation Tool New Edition. CliveOxenden ChristinaLatham-Koenig Contents G ra mma r Vocabulary Pronunciation 4 E ttellol v e rb D el:a n d y ou numbers lhl,leol, andlol wordstress;.

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New English File: Beginner: Student's Book by Clive Oxenden, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. New English File: Beginner: Workbook with key and MultiROM Pack by Clive Oxenden, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. New English File book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

The authors of these books combine thorough exam syllabuses with enjoyable topics and tasks. Authentic texts, motivating topics, and fun communication activities engage students of different ages. Graded texts and exam tasks allow students to become familiar with the exam formats while building their confidence. Grammar References provide information on all the key language points. Throughout the course books are regular review sections, progress tests, exam tips and strategies.

The Exam Maximiser provides extensive exam practice, and additional exam activities are found on the CD Rom. The iTest CD ROMs provide authentic exam practice with instant feedback, allowing students to identify areas which require further practice. Students also have access to a companion website which provides additional resources and activities for each course book in the series.

To see the curriculum information for our Examination Preparation Courses, please click here. To see the curriculum information for our Business English Courses, please click here. Did you know? Each ELC course provides 52 hours of live instruction time with a native English speaker. Click here to try sample questions. Oxford Online Placement Test Students who enrol into a Red Rock English language course will first complete an online placement test to help the Red Rock teaching staff determine the appropriate English course for each student.

Q Communication Personol A p. What's your phone number? And you? What's your ernail address? I'm OK, thanks. How old are you? This is Helen. I' m Seeyou soon. Are you married? We're in a hurry. B It's email from my boyfriend. B- in my bag. I expensive a Is b It's 2 big A What arethey? Where areyoufurn? B Nice to meetyou. B I think she's B -, thanks. B 25 King Street. Checkthe wordsand and practisesayingthe examplewords. Underlinethe stressedsyllable.

Iy name's PaolaBruno and I'm 2. My son's name b Her name'sAlex. He's He'stall with 2 a His glasses areblue. Iy daughter'sname is Chiara. I have 6 a His phonenumberis Theirnamesare b His phonenumberis Dagmara 7 a His sisteris tall.

Her husband's b His sisteris short. She isn't married hr stre has a boyfriend! Answerthe questionswith a sentence. I What'sPaola'ssurname? Her surnameis Bruno.

Ilhere is Paolafrom? Ibw old is Guido? Xlhat nationality is Piotr? Ufho is Dagmara? How old is ]ustyna? Imt at the highlightedwords.

Usethe photosto guess introducesomebody E Yes,I can. I Yes,I can. He isnt good-looking. G present I andyou simple: No,I don't. Number the pictures Customer Yes,it is. HairdresserDo you live 1 near here? I live 2 HairdresserOh, nice. Customer I don't know. I[1 HairdresserDo you want a 3 -? Customer No, thanks. I don't drink a HairdresserD o y o u w a n t a 5 -?

Customer Yes,please. Ah look. HairdresserDo you have6 -? Customer Yes,I do. Complete the chart HairdresserHow old are they? Customer Eightand ten. Presentsimple Customer lt's veryshort.

English File Beginner 3d edition- Students book.pdf

E I live nearhere. Hairdresser Don'tworry. Do you like it? Readthe rules and b Readthe dialogueand complete wrtha word s from the list. A newhoircutp. I Ihaveld a in the centre. Customer s Ilike[] e a magazine. Listen to the dialogue. Is the woman irTp't-O or sad at the end of the dialogue? Lislen again. What do the woman and:: Circle a or b.

I a Oxford Street,please. I like it. It's fantastic. I live near here in a house 8 a Iwantanewcoat. Ask and answerwith Do you? No, I don't. Do you have brothers and sisters? Yes l do , I have two sisters. I live in house. I don t know. Do you want a cofee? Are you OK? B l-es,I do. What's the Uqblem? No, thanks. Don't worry.

Wehavegreen tea. I havea croissantand hot chocolate. Ithinktrat's a verytypicalFrenchbreakfast. And it'sverygood! In my family verydifferentfrom lunchand dinner. We haverice,fish,and miso we have eggs,cheese,cold meat,susage, and bread.

We soup,and we drink greentea. Todaya lot of Japanesepeople drinktea or coffee,and fruit juice. Somemen havea small 'p6linka' havea Europeanbreakfast. But I preferour breakfast.

In my family brandy. We eat drink and watchTV! Read the texts. Then read sentences and mark the sentences T true or F false. Use the photos to guess their meaning. Are the verbs the sameor a Readthe questionnaireand think about your answers. I lile a croissantfor breakfast. Do people prefertea or coffee?

Do they havea big mealfor lunchor for dinner? Do they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables? What's his favourite meal? What do you havefor breakfastat the weekend?

W hatdo you usual l ydri nkw i th l unchand di nner? Do you eat a lot of pasta? Do you eat a lot of meat? Listen again with the script. Do you eat a lot of fish? Do you havedinnertogether? Do you watch W or talk? Listen end check. Theydon't have- or. Thry drink or -. Ur Listen and repeatthe words and sounds. At the weekend lunch chocolate sandwich we have oranse vegetables I prefer our traditional breakfast. I drink orangejuice for breakfast. She's a doctor.

Sheworksina hospital. How do the verbs 5. Complete the chart. What do you do? What your husbanddo? Do you like your job? Yes,I like it verymuch. Yes,he - art and history. Listen again and read the dialogue. Checkyour answers. EmilyYourEnglishis fantastic. I teach Englishat the Universityhere in Madrid.

EmilyDo you like your job? EmilyWhat does your husbanddo? He works at the Pradomuseum. EmilyDoeshe like his job? Saythe sentencesin the 3rd person singular. He likesart and history. And he doesn'twork in the morning, only in the afternoon. EmilyDoeshe speakEnglishtoo? Sofia Yes,he does. He speaksit verywell. He meetsa lot of Britishand Americantourists. EmilyDo you speakEnglishtogether? Sofia Only when we don't want our childrento understand!

Write l-5 in -: What doesSofiado? Then answerthe questions. Is this a problemfor him? They all speakEnglish at work. Today,English is the common: Every day he has meetings - with other managersin English. He alsoreadsdocumentsand writes emails. How is the final Jean-Paul. We need a common languageto communicate,and that Llf Listen and repeat. Copy the languageis English. I think it is a good idea,but somepeopledont like -: Sheworksin a hospital.

Yes,he does. Yes,he is. ASkandanswerwith a partner. Personnumber one is mv mother. Look at the highlighted words and phrases. Guesstheir What do you do? What does she do? Check with your teacheror a dictionary. I'm a doctor. Is English important for I work in a hospital. I like it very much. She works 'F: Hospital Universithrioin Sdo Paulo. He speaksEnglishvery well.

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I A Whattime is it? B lt's half pastsix. Go backto sleep. Havea niceday. B Youtoo. What time is it? B Sorry don't know. I don't havea watch. A Excuseme. C Justa moment. A Thanks. C You'rewelcome. Do partA. Number L What time is it? It's nine o'clock. Whottimeis it? I Whatdo you do? What doesshe do? Does shelike her job? What time does she r'x start and finish? Shestartswork at -. Shefinisheswork at -. Practisesayinggoodbye ut Listen and repeatthe days of the week.

Seeyou on Monday. A Dar-sof the weekbeginwith a capitalletter, e. Ilonday NOT monday Ask and answer with a partner. What day is it today? Practisethe dialogueswith a partner. What day s do you have English classes? What's your favourite day of the week? I b What day is it today? Dont write on the whiteboard. I don't know the school. Have a nice day. You too. You're welcome. What day is it tomorrow?

Circlethe correctanswer. B Yes,I -. A What dryis it today? B Friday. B It's half pastfive.

B Itd 9 My brother children. B Sorry. I dont kn-- a doesn'thave b dont have 4 A Do you want somewater? B Yes,p-. B Yes,six cupsa day! B He'sa doctor. Checkthe wordsand sounds,and 2 English practisesayingthe examplewords.

She,s26 yearsold,and she,s a nurse. Sheworksin a big hospitalin Ankara. She livesin a flat in Beytepe,about l3 km from Ankara. Sheliveswith two friends. Theyare nursestoo. She doesn'thavea boyfriend,but she hasa lot of friends. He studiesEnglish. He wantsto be a teacher. He liveswith his familyin a flat in the centreof Ankara. He hasa girlfriend,and her name is Demet. Doctorcsay that the traditional diet h some Mediterraneancountriet for write about two people: Why is it good for you?

Ihis diet is very good for your heart and peoplein thesecountrieslive First name longerthan in other countries. Surname I Nationality How to eat like Mediterranean peopleand live a long life: Eata lot of fruit and vegetables Occupation everyday. Useoliveoil for cooking Name Class number and for 3 -. Phone number. Don't eat a Havea glassof red C a ny o u.

Sit down with your familyfor lunch askwhereother peoplelive and what they do yes,I can. Don't hurry your meals! Do you eat'the Mediterraneanway'? I What time do you get uP? Listen and write her answers. Match sentencesl-4 with a-d. I I alwaysgetup at 7. L-l r'r'r' r' r' 2 I neverdrink coffee Mime or draw fiveverb a but on Wednesdays I finish at 7.

Copy the rhythm. Readthe rulesand do the exercises Whattimedo youg9! At seveno'clock. In pairs, make true sentencesabout you. Use always, What time do you havebreakfast? At balf pastseven. I never listento the radio watch films on my computer get up go home in the car. I listento CDs.

Use the glossaryto help you and A day in the life of James Blunt i: He livesalonein lbiza,Spain. I live in a bearilifirl old house. Frommy window I havea fantasticview of the sea.

I usuallyget up at about 9. I alwayswear jeansand a T-shirt. Clothesdon't really interestme. I havetwo pairsof jeans,one jacket,and six T-shirts. I never have breakfast- l'm not hungry in the morning. I make a fire and cleanthe house. Then I playthe piano,or I sit on the sofaand playthe guitar. I liveneara smallvillage. ForlunchI go and download breadand a tin of tuna,or maybeham or cheese. I nevercook. Afterlunch I sometimeswork in the garden.

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I don't havea TV - l only havea musicsystemand my musiccollection. In the eveningI usuallygo out with friends. We havedinnerat one of the old Spanishbars,and then we sometimesgo to a club. Before I go to bed I lockthe doors. WhenI'm in bed I look out of the window at the nightskyand think how wonderfullife is. Writeabout your typicalmorning. Useadverbsof frequency ',t-here always,usually,etc.

Tella partneraboutyour typicalafternoonandevening. I usuallyhave lunch at two o'clock. I havea sandwichor a salad. What time do you get upz. Check with your teacher or a dictionary. He getsup at about 9. I go out in the evenings,I usually go to a bar. Why not? P leel,lol, laal, andljl doyoudo? Do you Prefer in the onlytvvoor threehours. Peoplehavebreakfastlunch,anddinner Hammerfest in the winter or in summer,it is lightlor24 hourt andpeoplegoto bedverylate.

Somepeopleplay the summer? I Whereis Hammerfest? Now read the interview with Knut-Arne Iversen. Match the questionswith his answers. T When do they usuallycome? Then match the highlighted words with their opposites. Then answerthem from memory. Heworksfor theTourist Information Office. Yes,about,a year.

We don't have a lot of touristsin the winter! Copythe soundsand rhythm do you live? Qveq rcrc. Db notvery about-3 degrees. Butwe sometimeshave e kt of snow and the streeband schoolsareclosed.

But the winter is Do you do sport or exercise? I playfootballon Wednesdaynight. People - outsideall the time. Wefish,andwalk,andhave becues. Wedon'tsruimbecause the waterisvery d - maybeonlyten degrees. What I do?

E anayoungchildrensay'ldon'twantto goto bed. ButI preferthe summer. Where I go shopping? I go to the beach or the mountains? Where I go? Lih hereis easy. What paper I read? It's hot. What do you rhythm sentence n think the people are saying? Cqpy the fh. I Policeman Excuseme. You can't parkthere. Cll I park here?

Woman No? Yqq,you can. Policeman You're on a double y el l o wl i n e! Oh - I'm sorry officer. You can park! Wherecan I park near here? PolicemanYou can park over there, YouE. Thankyou, officer. Ellie Hi Matt. Matt Hi. Ellie lt's me, Ellie. How are you? Matt Oh,fine thanks. Ellie Matt, can you come to 3 a We can stop here.

Matt On Friday? Oh I'm really sorry. I can't come. Ellie Yourgirlfriend? Matt Yes,Lucy,from work. Ellie Oh. Matt Sorryaboutthe dinner. Ellie That'sOK. Listen again and read the dialogues. Answer the questions. I Why doesthe policemanspeakto the woman? Look at the highlighted phrases. Which dialogueis about a possibility? Which dialogueis about permissionto do something? Explain with Youcan I YoucAn't You can 3 You cant You can money here.

I lbu cant - 6 You can - 7 You can't You can't photos here. Cover the sentencesand look at the signs. Saywhat they mean. I'm really sorry. You can't At work I can CanI haveanespresso, Howmuchisit? Then listen and repeat. How much is it? In Huropea lot of countriesusethe clrro. The cinema ticket is six euros and sixty cents. Can I have a cup of coffee,please? What doesthe woman ask for? Eryresso Single 1. Listen and repeat. Practisethe dialoguewith a partner. Barman Espresso, Americano,cappuccino?

Lse Can I have Woman An espresso,2 -'-. Fractisewith a partner. Ask the prices in the menu. Woman Single. Barman Two poundsforty-five. How much is a regularlatte? Woman 5 - you are. Barman Thanks.

R'oleplaythe conversationin b. Ask for two things. Then changeroles. Can I have a regularlatte and a muffin, please?

Place f26 Listen. What doesshehave? Food Listen. Can I help you? A ticket to e4ford,please. Can I havean esrysso,please? Singleor return? Here you are. How much is that? What do you usuallydo at the weekend? I- cerealfor breaKast. She- to bed before What in the summer? Do youpreferteaor coffee? You- useyour mobilehere. B It's A Can they comeon Friday? B Yes,they -. At theweekend walkinthemountains. Checkthe wordsand 2 Can I by creditcard? Italian 5 Dont on a doubleyellow line. Read the article and mark the sentencesT true a Readthe text.

Is your typicalSundaysimilar to Clara's? I British peoplealwayshavebreaKastat home. My typical Sunday 3 They havelunch from 1. I go to a caf6for breakfast. I alwayshave I A lot of peoplehavelunch at home. ThenI usuallymeetmy 6 A lot of peoplego to bed aftermidnight. In thewinterwe goto themountains and 7 You can go shoppingeveryday in the UK. Wehavelunch t Big supermarkets in the UK neverclose. Afterlunchwe talkandrelax,and drinkcoffee. Wego homeat abouthalfpastfive. ClaraSudrezisa In theevening I preparemy classes,andthenI teacher.

Shellves havedinnerandwatchTV. I goto bedearlyandI in Granada. I What time doesfackget up? Lf, a. Some people havebreakfast at homebuta lotof people 4 When doesfulia usuallygo shopping? Thetypicalworking day b seven oreighthours withaveryshoftlunch about a In the car park. Peopledon'tgohome forlunch- they 6 What languages doesshespeak?

Theyhave dinner 7 What doesthe girl download? Dudng fte weektheyusuallygotobedbetween Some a Tick r' the boxes. Iook at the highlighted time phrasesand saywhat you do on a typical day f Yes,I can. Check with your teacher askabout other people'sdays E Yes,I can. Compare the information in the text with your askfor thingsin a cafdor shop I Yes,I can.

What is the same? What is different? G pastsimple: Look at the photosof somefamouspeople.

English File Beginner 3d edition- Students book.pdf

Which aresingersandwhich areactors? Canyou guesstheir old jobs? Copy the fbythm. AnistonandBarbraStreisand 4. Yes,she c 5. He was a soldier. Present Past Thev were waitresses. Stingis a singer. He -- a teacher. They are actors. They aerobicsinstructors. Readtherulesanddo theexercises. Complete with in, At, a Look at the pictures for two minutes. Try to remember who or on. I Here'syour key.

I work home. I isten and check. Repeatthe phrases. A book open say a place. D book closed saythe phrase. Then t7 Where was Mike yesterday? Listen end completethe sentences. I5 Yes,I hada fantastic day. Can you remember? Testa partner. His year-olddaughterLindais at home in London. Listenand tick r' theplaces Present Past whereshewasduring the day. What you do?

I get up early. I- up early. We - haveclasses. We- to the British Museum. We - lunch at the caf6. What two words I at the are missing? Are they stressed? Linda Hi. Ben Hi darling. Linda Oh hi Dad. Ben Fine. A lot of work. Did you havea good 2 I have breaKast? Linda I got 2 u- early. I went to school. What lhavez. Ben How was it? Linda 3 G-! We didn't haveclasses. We went to the 4 B- Museum.

Ben Oh nice. Did you have s l- there? Linda Yes,we had lunch at the caf6. And then I went 6 s- with Katy. Ben Did you do your homework? Ben Who'sthat, Linda? I Whereis Linda'smother? What did a lot of people do on 18th October ?. Usethe glossaryto helpyou. Readthe blogs again.

Theywrotea blogabout I - is a teenager You can't Timeto gol 'l 'l cantakeyou,'shesaid. AnistonandBarbraStreisand 4. You too. B No, inroom2l2. I don't drink a HairdresserD o y o u w a n t a 5 -? I a Danny'sAmerican.

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