Photography ebooks are great, and free ebooks are even better! Check out this list of the best free photography ebooks on the internet, and start learning! guide to digital imaging and artistry by tim daly, the book of portrait photography by. I wasn't sure at first but now I'm certain, this eBook is the best photography Photoshop's competitors (Corel's PaintShop Pro, Serif's PhotoPlus, Capture One . A collection of free ebooks for photographers to learn from. Featuring tips about street photography, the business aspects of photography, and.

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You can get more free photography eBooks on our sister website . and industry professionals to hep you with selling your fine art work. Photography eBooks and Camera Guides - Learn how to use your camera, edit Trick Photography and Special Effects Ebook Portrait Photography Ebook. This comprehensive set of ebooks was created over the last two years to strengthen your portrait photography skills. Found here: Portraits eBook Bundle.

It is designed to help you quickly become more knowledgeable and better prepared the next time you venture out with your camera. Wonderful layout as well. This eBook is a must for any experience level!

I very much appreciated your tutorials on that subject in the post-processing section of the book, thanks so much for this resource. Post-Processing and Editing We will walk you through how to use the most effective software and the most effective techniques to blend exposures to bring your photos to life. Save Time with Presets As you get into the digital darkroom, you will find that endless time can be spent there.

We have included 1-click presets for instant amazing results when time is tight. We will explain why and what features and accessories are important to these types of photography. I wanted to learn how to take photos of all the lights in Times Square NY, and this eBook was the perfect teacher!

The tutorials on editing and the included lightroom presets have been invaluable as well. Cave drawings, Chinese murals and Minoan Greek frescoes are all ways of portraying the world around the artist. That so many cultures across so many eons have portrayed Earth in different ways tells us that fundamentals definitely exist.

Some photos may look spontaneous and lucky—a streak of lightning, a fish leaping up out of a river—but this game has rules, and if you know the rules, you can take as good a shot as anyone.

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Lighting conditions and how to make the most of the golden hour. Includes sunstar concepts. All aspects of composition, placing the horizon line, leading lines, framing, patterns, texture, perspective, and more. Seasonal considerations, techniques for capturing great landscapes in the winter think white balance and desert conditions. How to make the most of water in landscapes; beachscapes, waterfalls, streams, rivers, reflections, shutter speeds, etc.

Dramatic weather conditions with cloudy skies, exposure settings for lightning.

Keep shooting after dark, how to use your camera to photograph stunning night skies and stars with long exposures. The photography tricks section is amazing, the images I have been creating with these tutorials have been a big hit with my friends on social media and are now some of the most popular in my portfolio.

The same general rules apply: skyscrapers are mountains, roads are rivers and dramatic clouds make them look that much cooler.

The biggest difference is that cities change at night. A mountain is a mountain any time of day, but by night, a building transforms into a blaze of lights to challenge the stars, roads light up with moving dots of red and yellow, neon lights line the streets in attempts to catch your eye. Visually, cities come alive at night.

When it comes to intersections, some bigger cities—New York, Tokyo, Toronto—will have four-way crosswalks, where pedestrians stream across in all directions, stopping cars on all four sides of the intersection.

These make especially great hectic shots, with cloudy masses surrounded by headlights and condo lights. How to combine the best attributes of multiple exposures together with advanced exposure blending. The world has grown beyond just Photoshop. If you only invest in one program, I would recommend Lightroom.

The first few pages in this section will cover the quick and effective processing methods using the Lightroom presets provided with the book, then we will dive in deeper if you want to take your photos further. It documents things.

Perspective could be toyed with. This changed the way people worked with depth, color and reality itself. Today, capturing reality is half the battle. Playing with multiple exposures, HDR and perspective can create worlds beyond what we can see with our own eyes.

Trick photography takes that pioneering kernel of photography—capturing reality—and takes it one step further. Now, we capture the reality of our imaginations. Light Painting with Long Exposures Light painting is conceptually easy: leave a camera shutter open long enough, and moving lights will etch their streaks into the resulting image.

We do this all the time with regular cityscape night photography, especially when cars drive through our shots, leaving behind stripes of red and yellow light. The only way to grab it is with a panorama.

7 Free Ebook for Photographers To Get Inspired

In this infrared light, cameras help us better understand the world we live in. This chapter will take you through the whole process of how to get started.

The importance of preparation and insider tricks on directing the shot. Bonus Guide. Full explanations and lighting diagrams for 14 types of portrait shots.

Pages from Portraits: Making the Shot 2. The golden rules of great poses. Using visual queues, praise, energy, and authenticity and much more. While covered more comprehensively in Making the Shot, Gina reminds you what sort of gear you should be looking for to capture great portraits The Way.

Gina shows you how to connect with people, organize, and direct like a pro. She then dives into specific details of different posing scenarios men, women, children, couples, groups and more with loads of examples for you to refer back to again and again.

The Big List of Free Photography eBooks

Pages from Portraits: Striking the Pose 3. The 10 golden rules to to live by when lighting a portrait.

The Way. The Style. How to handle tricky lighting scenarios. Building the Shot.

23 Free Photography E-Books

Build your shot, one light at a time Pages from Portraits: Lighting the Shot 4. The fundamental rules of great portrait post-processing.The world has grown beyond just Photoshop. Photography has traditionally been the realm of the real. It dives deep into every important topic.

Full explanations and lighting diagrams for 14 types of portrait shots. Colours, lines, borders and text are some of the things you need to decide on before laying your book out.

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