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one life is not enough natwar singh pdf download. One Life Is Not Enough Natwar Singh Pdf Download. 14 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. rinorcumbpha. ONE LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH For more books like this, Contact us: [email protected] Just contact us to join our site! Also by. One Life Is Not Enough – by Natwar singh. Click to download from Flipkart online store (Hardcover & eBook). I have always believed that reading political.

At one point in her book, No Higher Honor, Ms. Rice describes how Dr.

K. Natwar Singh_One Life is Not Enough

Manmohan Singh had decided against the nuclear agreement, but she and Mr. It remains to be seen if this book will shed more light on the processes that finally swung the deal.

However, things turned choppy for Mr. Singh soon after the revelations of a report prepared by former U.

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Fed Chairman Paul Volcker on the controversial oil-for-food programme. It had named both Mr.

Singh and the Congress party. The report listed the names of those worldwide who had allegedly been paid for helping the former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein evade sanctions through the programmes.

Singh, who resigned in the fallout of the Volcker oil-for-food report in , was never rehabilitated in the government, and for that matter, within the party after that. There are two facets to Natwar Singh, a diplomat and a politician.

It is natural that officers like me were curious about the key to his success -- in diplomacy and in politics -- and whether the two were somehow related. In looking at the non-sensational parts of Natwar Singh's autobiography, the earlier parts of his life in diplomacy before politics, one can indeed see how the two interests reinforced each other in his interesting life. But first, a brief word about what I mean by the sensational parts, which have been discussed amply in the media.

Towards the end of his book, Natwar Singh, a self-proclaimed loyalist of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, speaks with bitterness about his being let down by the family, a 'betrayal', incidentally a charge that is being levelled against him by current loyalists of the family.

These revelations in the book and on television are essentially a peep into the 'Durbari' politics of the Congress culture: Who is whispering what venom in the ears of the party leader or the progeny; how access to the supreme Leader is secured or denied; and so on.

Natwar Singh, a life-long witness of this game, does reveal juicy nuggets: Rahul made his mom decline the prime ministership on offer; Sonia was more resolute and ruthless in her dislikes than a gentle and trusting Rajiv; and further, a tantalising take, that this aspect of her personality is attributed to she being a non-Indian! It is these aspects that has made the book a competitor to Chetan Bhagat's next!

Thus, Half a girl friend has to contend with 'No more a friend', that could have been a title of Natwar Singh's volume. But what about the first fifty five years of the author's life, before he joined the Congress?

‘One Life is Not Enough’: Autobiography of Natwar Singh released

For me, it is a fascinating narrative of the early and middle years of our diplomacy, of the role of the foreign service in it and of how within it, pedigree, luck, talent and brio produced an extraordinary success story. For instance, how did a young entrant into the IFS get to know Nehru?

Natwar Singh came from a privileged background, but his being noticed by Nehru and later getting close to Indira appears to be a matter of luck.

In school and college, he became friends with sons of Nehru's sister Krishna Hutheesing and this meant the opportunity of an occasional breakfast at Teen Murti Bhavan, Nehru's residence, with Indira hovering benignly in the background. Luck, yes, but then he made his own luck.

Not every officer at the junior level has the confidence and the chutzpah to seize an opportunity to ask the prime minister for a ride in her aircraft, which is what he did to return home on transfer from New York, when Air India was on strike. Indira was interested in books; it so happened that the young diplomat had read the same book that she had picked up on the plane -- so goes a story within the fraternity. Soon a posting in the powerful PMO ensued.

To identify the locus of power and to gain proximity to it is an art that highly successful diplomats cultivate. It seems that this came naturally to Natwar Singh.

But one should not think that the celebrities that he came to know were only political personalities.

A good diplomat ought to have a lively curiosity, be interested in ideas, cultures, and conversation and be open to opportunities that come his way in befriending interesting people. So goes the lore. As a young officer on district training in the south, Natwar Singh curious to see R K Narayan, just drops in at his home to find a modest man in a vesti pottering in the garden. The two get acquainted and talk about books.The visit was carefully monitored by the Americans and the Chinese. My love of reading led me to the school library which was wanting for readers—Mayo was keener on sports than on academic excellence.

Not only did he give us a dressing down, we were produced before the Principal the next day.

I watched these noisy scenes from the other side of the road. I became private secretary to the Secretary General SG. I soon acquired a gown, which all students were required to wear throughout the day, and a second-hand bicycle for a princely twelve shillings. His pedas. Kanats had been installed on both sides of the alighting point to block out intruding eyes. The book was published in when Snow was twenty-six years old.

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