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Uploaded by: JEROMY - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File indemnify Redefine Your Reality Pte Ltd. from any and all consequences that may. Redefine Your. Reality with Technology Partners That Empower Business. | Granite Ridge Dr., Suite , San Diego, CA Redefine Your. Reality. Technology Partners That Empower Business. | Granite Ridge Dr., Suite , San Diego, CA

By inventing new interfaces and combining them with predictive, AI-powered technologies, the way people discover and consume content will continue to shift, Wester told CMO.

Just think of platforms such as Pandora, Netflix, Spotify and Alexa, he said, which have already changed how people consume content. He predicts that content discovery will catch up to make customer engagement better, searching easier, discovery faster, curation more appealing and accessibility ubiquitous. Smartphone engagement will cater to the snackable moment, a.

Finally, the number of taps, types, swipes and waits that litter our mobile journey will be almost eliminated. Frequency and intensity of these always-on experiences will be driven by user preference. Some will even be generated on the fly for you in that context and never appear for you [or anyone else] again. There will no doubt be an inherent complexity that comes out of this as well, but AI will save the day.

Most of us have lived our life for 20 or 40 or 60 years and in the process we have collected a huge amount of debris in our subconscious mind. Focus on what you truly and passionately want. Here is a thumb rule for all thoughts crossing your mind: Once again. Throughout the day whenever you are drifting in your thoughts or worrying about something.

Remember that. A lot of times. If you focus on what you do want. Six Steps to Redefining Reality Once you have found your passionate desire to acquire something or bring about a change in your reality. And most of us have accumulated many different self limiting beliefs in our subconscious which constantly create self limiting thoughts in our minds.

Train your mind to think in the correct way. The subconscious forgets nothing and retains all information from the beginning of our life. Remember thoughts have energy and whatever you focus on will manifest itself. In my experience. If you have a true belief and a burning desire. This is the step which says lets get down to business. B and C is known but point D is not. When you get there. Be as precise as possible. Step 3 and 4.

When designing large scale military or engineering projects. You are your own teacher. So how do you create a definite plan? Research as extensively as possible and use the help of as many experts as you can. Six Steps to Redefining Reality Step 3: Once you have trained your mind to think in the correct way. The whole universe will conspire to help you but you will need to have a detailed and organized plan on how you wish to bring about this change.

If you truly believe that you are capable of earning this. It is assumed that by the time you get to point C. If you want a million dollars. Step three for redefining reality is incidentally! Not sure about certain points? This is a well known fact in any large scale project design.

A detailed plan will give you the mental road map of where your destination is going to be.

Remember when you make a definite decision to bring about a change backed by a burning desire. I am going to earn this money by doing ………… And I am going to do whatever it takes. If that is the case.

Use their help in creating your master plan. The great information highway. Step four is something I have learnt from my teacher Dr Stefan Smith who in turn learnt it from the Native American shamans. But unfortunately for a lot of us.

Use your research to help you make the master plan. Make a new plan and try with that. More on this very important topic at the end of this section. If you are planning to become a millionaire by creating a great home business. Because it needs to be done along with step three at the same time. Change it. Six Steps to Redefining Reality do your research. Use it. Never before has there been such collective knowledge available in this massive extent.

What this means is that you accept and believe that whatever you want have already happened and thank your higher spiritual power for that this can be God.

Try to find at least 3 people who you trust are experts in the field you are planning to venture.

It is something they use for rainfall and good crops. Keep changing it until you have found a plan that does work! This is the part most men will give up at the first sign of failure.


Step 4: Step four. Once you have prepared your master plan. Make it tangible. Use the websites. So to summarize this. If you want a new house. Mix this belief with emotions. The field of plenty. That is why we get emotional and even cry when we see a truly heart touching movie. You truly try to visualize and feel that whatever you want has already been achieved. So what is stopping you from living that reality?

You will. It has been created. Unless you have done that first. If you want a loving partner. Be honest and be true when you are expressing your gratitude. Start living in the new reality. This is a very powerful step. In your mind. It has already started to manifest itself.

Now ensure that you have spent enough time with step two and learnt to block all self limiting thoughts and beliefs. Step 5: Step five is a version of step four. Make it as vivid as you can.

Our subconscious cannot differentiate between what is vividly imagined and what is real. Try to experience through as many senses that you can. Our subconscious cannot tell between what is real and what is vividly imagined. Even if we know that they are just actors and actresses paid to make this movie.

Close your eyes. The key is to truly believe without a shadow of doubt that whatever you have wanted. And show gratitude for all that you have received. We still laugh. Six Steps to Redefining Reality self.

This helps you maintain your overall perspective of the elaborate game that you have started to play. Step 6: And finally step six is to chronicle all your progress into a journal. In this step. Human mind is capable of only processing a limited amount of information at any given time. So why dream small? When you dream of the impossible. Get brochures.

What is your emotional state today. Get yourself a nice journal where you are going to record your amazing journey. But hey! When you can dream of owning a private jet and actually materialize it. Make it a habit to write every day these few things. And if you are a normal person. When you are truly pursuing your burning passionate desire.

This is normal and quite expected. And that is the beauty of it. Six Steps to Redefining Reality going to download. If its money.

If your dream is to find your loving partner. It is the impossible that you are going to achieve! Not some mundane day to day wish like I want to download a color TV! Ofcourse if all you want is a color TV that is fine with me and the principles are the same. If you have really done what is described in this book. How much have you really tried.

It is coming on a piece of paper. Only you have to believe it can. It will also give show you the milestones that you are crossing on your master plan and if at all you are on the right course. And finally. The game has been designed by you. Six Steps to Redefining Reality Remember.

Back to step six. No great has ever been achieved without substantial failure. In the beginning the resistance will be minor. Finally if you succeed in bypassing all of that. If you survive this initial distraction. Chapter 4: Winner or Wannabe Winner or Wannabe?

Before we finish this section.

And that is: Simple distractions like a girl you fancy will suddenly want to have a relationship with you counter intuitive huh? This is the test of persistence. This is to see whether or not you truly believe in yourself and your power to redefine reality.

You will be entering a world where you will go through unimaginable heights. Winner or Wannabe and you will also get a glimpse of how it feels like when you start bending reality.

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All this. If you survive this temporary failures. Part III: I mean the way you feel when you are angry. Think about it: When I say feelings. You have to have a clear idea of who you truly are and how your mind works. That is powerful! How about when you feel lonely? No amount of money. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes you angry? What are you afraid of? Which situations make you loose control?

These are the answers that you need to have readily available. Shafin De Zane The journey begins with you… The very first step for all redefinition starts with redefining your own self.

You need to know that every part of your plane is at its best. When you are getting ready for a life where you have the power to redefine reality. Your feelings are very powerful and they can color everything in your life.

It is never out there. The first step of redefining your personality is understanding the meaning of your feelings and emotions. You are enjoying your ride. Redefine Your Personality makes you lonely. What is the purpose of these feelings?

Why do you have feelings in the first place? Everything that your have in your body. Imagine you are on the highway. But if you ask them this simple question. So what are feelings for? In a nutshell.

Sometimes these feelings become so overwhelming that we go to doctors or psychiatrists and ask for help. You have eyes to see. The whole color of your life seems to be that of loneliness… But have you ever wondered. They know how to suppress it. We tell them that we feel depressed. There is something completely different going on beneath the surface. I am not saying you never need any medicines. Here is the concentrated version of it: Imagine you are driving a car in a foreign country.

My teacher in the world of Hypnosis. So how would you feel? Now the little labels that indicate what the light is for is in a foreign language.

What to do?

Redefine your Reality

Your happy mood is spoilt and you are feeling anxious and frustrated and you could really take a break from all this driving. You are merrily humming a tune when suddenly the flashing light comes back again! You feel really worried now. And from the counter you get some chocolates and some chips and you are on the way again. As you start munching down your chocolates and chips. The friendly cashier offers to help.

After a couple of mugs of beer and the plate of chicken wings. You pull off in the next gas station and fill up your gas tank to full. You start loosing your temper and you really want to break this car down! So what do you do?

You stop at the next gas station and you want to download a whole 6 pack of beer to help you deal with the situation and when you are making your payment at the counter the friendly cashier who fortunately speaks English asks you what is wrong. You happily pull over. No lights.

And lo and behold. So you put some water in the right chamber and off you go. You feel frustrated now. And you tell him your big problem with the car. This time it really bothers you. Redefine Your Personality right?

So you pull off at the next gas station and fill up your tank with enough fuel and off you go. Depression means: You need a break and you need it now! Finally depression comes when you have gone too far by not listening to the primary feelings. Feeling good is the signal that the way you are operating in your life is working out and everything is ok. Unfortunately as most of us cannot read what it says. These are fear. Their purpose is to provide you with information and motivation that will help you maintain a satisfying and healthy life.

Then there is the secondary feeling of frustration and the tertiary feeling of depression. Redefine Your Personality If you were a car. Feeling bad is the signal that some need is unmet and some action is necessary to satisfy the need. I will briefly go over the common feelings we have and the meaning of them but before I do that.

When you have taken a correct satisfying response. Look into the meaning of each feelings below and you will understand more how to identify the cause. Give it a name.

Calvin Banyan describes the following steps for dealing with your feelings and emotions: Depression sets in when you have gone too far on harming yourself by taking the wrong course of action. Frustration means what you are doing is not working so change your ways. I need a break and I need it now. Secondary feeling Frustration: What you are doing is not working. You need more meaningful relationships. You do not have enough challenge in your life. You feel that there is something wrong with you.

Something is happening that is unfair towards you or someone or something you care about. When you put fuel in your fuel tank and not anywhere else. Twin sister of anger. Redefine Your Personality you feel lonely and you make friends your loneliness goes away.

You have lost some someone or something that is important to you. It hurts too much. You have done something that is unfair to someone. You feel that there is too much to do. Tertiary feeling Depression: You need to change your ways. One important thing in this step is to do a reality check.

Identify a satisfying response: It tells you something is happening that is not fair. I instantly know that this person thinks something is unfair. Cal says. What you do with that message that is either good or bad or ineffective. Of course a lot of people do things that are not good using the energy of anger. Identify the name of the feeling: Angry or any other name for it.

Identify the cause of the feeling: As mentioned above. I say. Whenever I encounter anger coming out from my clients in my therapy sessions. And that is good. It is just a message and a call for fairness. But it is also the one of the simplest of them all.

Anger is probably the feeling that has the most taboo attached to it. How is anger good. I would like to show you how to deal with anger: In The Secret Language of Feelings. Redefine Your Personality A special note about Anger: Working as a Hypnotherapist. Anger is simply a call for fairness.

Social revolutions come out of anger. Anger is good. Anger itself is not bad. Most people will vehemently disagree when I say this. That is why you have the anger. It is a call to make things fair. And once you have achieved fairness. If the situation is really unfair. Redefine Your Personality a. In this case this is righteous anger.

Do a reality check: Is your perception of the situation accurate? Is the situation really unfair? Often the answer is no. If you cannot make fair due to some impossible situation. Redefine Your Personality A special note about forgiveness: Now when I mention forgive. Because it frees YOU! Not anyone else. This holds you back and pulls you down. For a student of redefinition. And as I said. I do not mean accept it as fair. And forgiveness only comes when all other means making fair has failed or not possible.

And it can be quite heavy. It brings YOU happiness. And in a situation where there is nothing that can be done to bring fairness. This is an intelligent kind of forgiveness. I do not mean forget. This is what is called emotional baggage. Things that vibrate on a similar frequency attract each other. Let me start with a simple law of attraction that is rooted in very basic quantum physics: Now I have a lot of respect for all the knowledgeable individuals who provide these insights.

After years of research and going through numerous books I will finally present my accumulated knowledge to you. On a quantum level we are all made up of pure energy. For example even though for thousands of years it was believed that the sun revolved around the earth.

Chapter 6: How to create perfect health How to Create a Perfect Health: A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul. I would like to mention to you something that is more important than what you eat. And also on a quantum level. Now what has that got to do with you? See everything that is around you: But before I do that. So what happens if you are focusing half the time on ill health. How to create perfect health everything is in a constant cosmic dance.

For the majority of the time if your mind is focusing on the negative then that is all that you will find and create in life. There is no neutral zone. There is no escape from this. Similarly everything that you say to yourself or to others either moves you towards success and health or moves you away from it.

So you can choose what you want. So how to take control of this process? As mentioned in the second step of redefining reality. Now I know this might sound like the usual self help advice. Every thought that you are having in your mind is either moving you towards health and wealth or moving you away from all those things. Once you are totally convinced that this is not some mumbo jumbo new age stuff. So if you would like to allow your life to be filled with health.

For the majority of the time. A positive thought attracts atoms together and grows. Now because of the way Law of Attraction works. Not so long ago this is what I used to do.

It was only when I changed my mental talk and communication with others. Guess what happens? Other than minor colds I have not been sick in the last 4 years even once.

But think about it. This sounds amazing I know. Or do you want the fun loving. I deliberately focus and visualize in my mind of activities that require great health like jogging in a nice park. The law of attraction works in everything and all the time.

I frequently caught fever. First off. I know sometimes not expressing your suffering can be hard. Notice people who are constantly saying that they are sick and feeling unwell and not so happy and life is hard and what and what not… that is how their life is going to be. Now whenever I feel that I am about to get sick. How to create perfect health a survival life time.

Not surprisingly. How wonderful and fun and charismatic you are? I guess not. Every seasonal disease got hold of me. Despite these benefits, however, job crafting can be easy to overlook: Time pressures and other constraints may compel you to see your job as a fixed list of duties. Job crafting requires—and ultimately engenders—a different mind-set, however: Your job comprises a set of building blocks that you can reconfigure to create more engaging and fulfilling experiences at work.

Diagramming Your Job Back at the multinational foods company, Fatima is still frustrated. What would happen if she engaged in job crafting? Job crafting would give her the means to diagram a more ideal—but still realistic—version of her job, one better aligned with her motives, strengths, and passions. First, she looks at the present makeup of her job. Click here for a larger image of the graphic.

These tasks are in the smallest squares. Looking at the full sweep of her job in this way gives Fatima a clear sense—truly at a glance—of exactly where she is devoting her time and energy.

Next, she concentrates on changes that would increase her engagement at work. For instance, one of her motives is to cultivate meaningful relationships and achieve personal growth.

Her strengths include her one-on-one communication skills and technical savvy. And among her passions are teaching others and using and learning about new technology.

The borders around groups of tasks suggest the common purpose they serve. By rearranging the shapes on the page, Fatima gains a greater appreciation for how the different elements of her job come together. She begins by identifying her motives, strengths, and passions—three important considerations in determining which aspects of her job will keep her engaged and inspire higher performance.

Each will be represented by a different color. Her main motives, for instance, are cultivating meaningful relationships and achieving personal growth. She plugs these into green ovals. Fatima takes stock of her core strengths: one-on-one communication and technical savvy. These appear in the blue ovals. And she highlights her passions: teaching others and using and learning new technology—entered in orange ovals. Then, using her before diagram as a frame of reference, Fatima creates a new set of task blocks whose size represents a better allocation of her time, energy, and attention.

She draws rectangles around groups of tasks that she thinks serve a common purpose or role. Framing her roles in this way is meaningful to her because it taps into her key strengths and passions. By rearranging the shapes, Fatima gains a greater appreciation for how the elements of her job come together.

A New Outlook Fatima then moves to the final step of the exercise, in which she considers the challenges she will probably face in making her new job configuration a reality. She would like to use her technical savvy to help other marketing teams and departments take advantage of social media, but she is concerned about encroaching on their work or insulting them by offering her expertise.

With her after diagram in hand, Fatima takes another look at the list of projects sitting in her in-box and begins to consider how to incorporate social media into them. She identifies two possibilities: a new snack food aimed at teens and a cross-company initiative to improve communication between Marketing and Sales.Second, it is violently opposed.

Remember what our ancient friends said about drinking milk of other animals?

[PDF] Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Business Dreams

Edison went to school for 3 months only… So what is your story? B and C is known but point D is not. Sadness: You have lost some someone or something that is important to you. She pointed to recent developments that add an element of convenience, such as the introduction of facial-recognition payments.

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