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Ami Topu By Jafor Iqbal Pdf

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30 মার্চ Ami topu PDF download of jafar iqbal. jafor iqbal is a good writer in our country. Many people like him and read book so many when published. Book Writer: Mohammed Jafar Iqbal Book Format: PDF File Book Courtesy: eBangla Book Corner Book Review: Ami Topu is a Science and. 28 মে I am so excited about this post. Here is the ultimate guide how can we make lot of money. A strategy which will work for everybody. Whether.

Ami Topu By Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

Topu is the main character in this book and he is a teenage boy. This book about the loneliness of topu. His full name is Ariful Islam Topu.

When Topu reads in class five he has died in a road accident. A heart touching story of a happy-go-lucky family facing an incident that turns their life up-side-down overnight.

This story is narrated by the youngest son of the family, Topu, who seems to get the biggest share of the sufferings. The story is about the young talented teenager going through a delicate phase and facing horrible experiences at home after his mother loses her sanity.

After publishing this book, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal had received tons of letters from his young readers asking why did he have to make a story so sad and that they all cried while they read the book. I still remember the night I read this book and cried myself to sleep. A wonderful book by Jafar Iqbal sir and one of my most favorites.

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I read this book when I was in 8th grade, I loved it!!! This is one of the best book write by Zafar Iqbal sir. I became sad after reading this, I laughed when the main character Topu became the champion of the math Olympiad.

Thank you, sir, for this outstanding book. I love you Topu.

I read every review of this book and I find some awesome review. So I can be called it was the best teenage book of Muhammad Jafor Iqbal.

On the way, his father died in a car accident which made his mother to become mad. His brother and sister gave up trying to save him from his mother, they began to act that he don't even exist.

He became separated from his friends and became the worst student from the first student and also beacame cold and cruel. His mother also tried to kill Tapu by drowning him in the bucket full of water by force.

But thank God he was saved by the female assistent Duli Khala. Although she was a helping hand of Tapu. Tapu became annoyed with his life and decided to run away from home.

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But he remained for sometime for a certain girl named Priyanka. Tapu saved her from the poisonous hand of rajakar sir [ because he always supports Pakistan ].

Tapu then fixed the date of ranaway and did it as the plan. But Priyanka stopped him and gave him a book of mathematics.

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Tapu was so good in mathematics. Priyanka tried her best to make everyone take Tapu in the math competetion.But I have prayers to you that I want to talk to you.

Kokhono kansi,kokhono pagoler moto hassi. Waste of time Jafar Iqbal why ur business with books. See all Publishers But when I only read the first 2 pages, I felt like I will be able make a whole Pacific ocean by crying. Good Asolei boitir kono tulula hoy na.

Tapu also made a mysterius friend names Michki [ know it when you read it ]. Hopefully, you are gonna love this book. Jodi valo moner manus hon tobe chokhe jol asbei. I love this book very much.

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