Products / Closer's Survival Guide | eBook. Closer's Survival Guide | eBook Note: This is the downloadable PDF version. Type: eBook. Category: Books. Grant Cardone (Author) Grant Cardone's book, The Closer's Survival Guide, is not a theory of closing the deal, but exactly HOW to close the deal including the 20 major rules of closing and over exact closes that you can use every day! This item:The Closer’s Survival Guide. Study Closes - Grant Cardone - Closer's Survival Guide flashcards from Austin K. on StudyBlue.

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Apr 4, Closers Survival Guide Grant Cardone. Closers Survival Guide Grant Cardone - [ Free] Closers Survival Guide Grant Cardone [PDF]. [EPUB] I. Apr 6, Closers Survival Guide Free - [Free] Closers Survival Guide Free [PDF] [EPUB] Free game reviews, news, giveaways, and videos for the. This is the third book I have read by international sales training and business coach Grant Cardone. The Closer's Survival Guide differs from Grant's other books.

View 1 comment. Feb 24, Hayes rated it really liked it. First hour or so is Grant talking smack, and there's a few closes in there that'd just end up getting people laughing at you in Australian culture.

Customer Reviews

For the by and large though it's a pretty handy guide. Until you close with a customer, you can't provide value to them. This book shows you hundreds of ways to do just that and, if you're in sales, you should probably read this a couple of times per year.

Jan 31, Todd Benschneider rated it it was amazing. As much as I dislike sales training scripts, Grant does a great job of exploring why and how people react to particular statements in business negoatiations. This book is a must read for anyone in sales. Aug 21, Casper Dufour rated it it was amazing. Must read for anyone in sales and in business. He offers 20 rules for negotiating and over closing techniques.

Not all of them are equally valuable, but I bet anyone can get at least new weapons in their arsenal. Worth the read regardless. Jan 11, Mateo Rico rated it it was amazing. Great book for Salespeople looking to be Closers. There a millions of salespeople in the world but very few of them are Closers. Those that are, are true professional salesmen.

Oct 25, George Davidson rated it really liked it Shelves: Good overview on importance of closing and compendium of closing techniques. Not of much use in complex sales, but sales pro's should know all the basic closes and you can learn them here. Written in standard Cardone over the top fashion.

Oct 11, Sean rated it it was amazing Shelves: Extremely useful! One of few books out there that you can actually put into action right away for your job or your business. Dec 29, Jesse Moran rated it it was amazing.

Classic cardone pump up. Learn ways to get your prospect on board.

May 24, George Mitev rated it it was amazing. We'll reread as this DOES improve your sales skills. Mar 05, John Jennings rated it it was amazing. Many fantastic closes. Feb 17, Charles Bunders rated it liked it. Grant gets very specific on a subject not often covered.

Excellent examples for those who want to take some of the mystery of how you close a deal. Apr 25, Brian Ambrosini rated it it was amazing Shelves: Amazing book as always. In my re-read list.

He has exteremely unorthodox but closing strategies that seem to work. Apr 24, Sparkvision rated it it was amazing Shelves: Real lines used to closed. Sep 18, Randy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great context and lists of possible closes and why. Very helpful!

The Closer's Survival Guide Pdf

A good book no doubt about it, a bit high pressure in some cases is that the American way? It could do with some more editing, a few closes feel like they are basically duplicates, and some wordings a bit hard to get what Grant really means however, it's still one of the best sales books I've ever read.

Jan 08, Bart Hoving rated it it was amazing. I had heard about Grant Cardone quite a few times, before seeing his talk through a livestream of Freedom Fastlane Live in Absolutely liking the attitude and determination this guy just oozes, I decided to go to his website and find some awesome goodies to suck up some of that awesomeness, and I found this audiobook in an awesome package deal. This guy has selling and closing down to make it look like art. The amount of value he gives in this book is just tremendous.

Selling is one of the f I had heard about Grant Cardone quite a few times, before seeing his talk through a livestream of Freedom Fastlane Live in Selling is one of the few things in life everybody should be good at, and he'll make you do it, get good at it, and love it! I love how he tells you under which circumstances you can use a certain close, and at which part of the closing-process.

I think anyone in a sales position or trying to build their own business should have at least a handful of these memorized and practiced, so they'd have them ready to go. Very rich content!

Thank you: Oct 31, Santiago Valdez rated it really liked it. Great book by Grant Cardone, he understands what it takes to close the deal; it is a mindset more than anything. Still he gives literally dozens of closing scripts for just about any situation to help frame the situation. A great read to understand and get the feel of a close. Feb 11, Jeremy rated it it was amazing. In his book he gives over different closes and walks you through their scenarios.

Everybody closes others on a daily basis. Therefore I highly recommend this book to everybody and see how to apply it, especially those that sale. Feb 17, Mark Manderson rated it really liked it. Great closes for when you truly believe in your product in order to overcome their own fear of commitment. Grant Cardone is relentless when it comes to closing a client. In this book he goes into detail on how he does it.

Jan 19, Mark rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this, and will listen again. Jul 31, Success Through Books rated it it was amazing.

Listened to the audiobook, amazing book, with over 10o closes. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers Also Enjoyed. About Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone. You may have seen me as the star and co-executive producer of a show, called TurnAround King.

I am the author of four published books, with a fifth book slated to release in The definitive sales survival manual on how to SELL your way through any economy. The ultimate guide to getting sales done. Sales strategies to dominate your market and beat your competition.

Where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action to 10X your success! Now be greatful that you can invest this much money, not everyone can do that! Congratulations close Yeah I understand it's a big investment. And You should congratulate yourself for being able to make an investment of this magnitude.

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It's not like you're gonna die from this. Do it for me close Sir, if you can't do it for you, and can't do it for your wife, or your company, then I'm going to ask you to do it for me. I'll need your okay on the agreement, here.

Inventory close - Move down Would you consider the product right under this? OR would you rather get exactly what you want and pay a little more? Would you consider this? Selection alternative close If the payments are too high, I suggest we go back and consider the model earlier. It won't have X, Y, Z and all the things you said were important, BUT it would put you in a position to get what you want and you could later upgrade. Package alternative close If you don't want to go down a model, and you won't consider something 1 year older, why don't we move down just a package?

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Let's pray together; I trust that god won't mislead either of us, I'm willing to accept god's will for the both of us.

The Closer's Survival Guide

Think about it Close 1 Thought is instantaneous. Think of a pink elephant.Dec 04, Wiet Vande Velde rated it liked it.

I need your okay on the agreement, let's do this. Think of a pink elephant. But the reality is there are only a few reasons you won't do this today. Grant gets very specific on a subject not often covered. It is the right thing for you and your company, I would never mislead you and it is the right thing to do.

Now I need your approval here and here.

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